Our Causes

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Tuition Classes

As we know that, poor people can’t afford private schools that’s why they prefer government schools but current situation of government schools of Pakistan is worse than ever and due to which, there is no proper system there which affects the education of children and for that purpose, we started tuition classes so that the students could get better education. We now have more than 70 students. We started first with free tuition classes for children but later we start charging 100 rupees ($1)/month as they got irresponsible. There were some people who weren’t even able to afford just 100 rupees.

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Mehndi Classes

we introduced ‘free’ Mehndi classes for women, which is a form of traditional body art that is really famous here in weddings of Indo-Pak. People here hire different women to decorate themselves as weddings in some communities considered incomplete without the mehndi ceremony. We think that through the skill of Mehndi, our women will get the opportunity to earn some money that can help their family to get stable.

Stitching Classes

Women are worst affected when it comes to unemployment and poverty. Without any income of their own, they need to depend on men for anything and everything. If the men are also unemployed, the matter gets worse. Badlo Apna Kal has set up Sewing & Stitching classes to make women self-sufficient and confident. Stitching garments is one job that remains till the end of mankind. Further, basic tailoring skills enable women to work from home, they can continue in their traditional role as homemaker and yet earn. Tailoring is something which women can immediately start right from their homes upon completion of their course.

Computer Classes

We introduced ‘free’ computer classes because we think in the 21st century, having computer skills is very much important and it opens so many doors of opportunities for all kind of people at any age. We think that a person having some basic computer skills can get a better job, or start his/her own business and support themselves and their family.

English Classes

The English Language plays an important role in our life. It is understood by many people around the world since it is the most spoken language. It is essential in our education. The main reason to start English Classes was a short survey, which we conducted in our vicinity. The result of the survey showed that a large number of people want to learn English Language that’s why we decided to facilitate them to learn the English Language at Badlo Apna Kal.

Upcoming Initiatives

We just introduced stitching classes and we are going to introduce cooking classes and we will also do some awareness events and career counseling sessions. Our vision is that everyone in this country should be equal, educated and skillful. We also want to focus on higher education. Badlo Apna Kal will do all of that whatever it takes.

Help us Educate and Uplift the Society.