Badlo Apna Kal

Started as a child rights organization in 2015, now we are a multi-program education institute and skills development organization.

Badlo Apna Kal Welfare Organization now has more than 100 Students and 10 Volunteers overall under different programmes and initiatives with a 4 room real estate donated which is running right now as a non-profit institute at Garden West, Karachi.

BAK’s primary initiatives are Tuition Classes, Computer Classes, English Classes, Stitching classes, and Mehndi (Henna) Classes. We are soon going to start cooking classes and career counseling sessions. View all programs

Help us Educate and Uplift the Society.


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

As being a part of BADLO APNA KAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION I feel so glad, and this initiated is taken by our young youths to make citizens of Karachi educated and in future undeveloped countries as well. Helping them in this Association is being so grateful to me. I would like to suggest you all be a part of Badlo Apna Kal Welfare Association and come to donate us.

Madad Ali Rajan

Badlo Apna Kal Welfare Association is working on Education and Skills Development Classes where our youth take initiates to make families stables through skill classes and make them educated and being a part of this I'm so lucky to help these people. I would recommend you all to come and join us and let's donate together.

Mehmood Saddru Karachi